IEX’s John Longobardi To Join Trading Behaviors Session At SWRC

John Longobardi, Listings guru at IEX, will help guide you through understanding trading behaviors at this year’s SWRC.

Longobardi has 30 years of experience in the trading and the exchange industry.
After spending 14 years working for an NYSE designated market maker, in October
2015, he joined IEX, the Investors Exchange: a fair simple, and transparent stock
exchange that believes every investor is entitled to the same right to trade on equal
terms, on every single trade.

Longobardi has spent most of his career working with public companies, educating
executives on market structure and corporate governance. Prior to his responsibilities
at one of the largest NYSE DMM’s, KCG, which was formed from the mergers and
acquisitions by GETCO of a piece of LaBranche & Co. and Bank of America Merrill
Lynch’s NYSE DMM Operations, he worked at the NYSE. While in the NYSE’s Global
Corporate Services group, he served as a managing director maintaining the
relationships with key accounts and providing an understanding of trading dynamics and
counseling with respect to the NYSE’s corporate governance rules and regulations.

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