Barb Brown To Speak On ESG Factors At NIRI SWRC

This is the equivalent of landing Willie Mays to pinch hit for Joe DiMaggio.

When Mike Wallace informed us he was unable to speak at our ESG session after all, he sent in his colleague Barb Brown in his stead.

Barb is a 25+ year veteran in the field of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Many would say she’s even a pioneer in the industry having founded one of the first consulting firms focused in this now burgeoning field. Known for applying common sense principles, Barb tries to live and lead by these principles. Follow your instincts. Do what’s right. Respect your elders. Honesty is the best policy. Treat people the way you want to be treated. It’s the example she gives the BrownFlynn team and how she expects the team to serve its clients. The team describes Barb as setting the bar high—both for them and the Firm’s clients. By doing so, Barb ensures clients are satisfied while upholding BrownFlynn’s established reputation for delivering sustainable value. Her high expectations allow BrownFlynn to guide its clients to do good, do well, and win—for themselves, their shareholders, their stakeholders, their communities, and, ultimately, the world.

Barb is Principal-in-Charge of several clients, including Cleveland Clinic, Eaton, General Motors, Forest City, KeyCorp and many more. Recognized as an expert in the industry, Barb is a sought after speaker, author, and thought leader. Look for Barb’s blog posts on the Firm’s monthly column on called Shift Happens, and, stay tuned for a book she is co-writing with her business partner, Margie Flynn.

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