How did the Enigma Machine work?

Watch the video clip here  By Kieron Bryan, The Telegraph 1:26PM GMT 15 Jan 2015 It was supposed to be the unbreakable code. But during World War Two, Nazi Enigma communications were successfully decoded by a team of mathematicians and problem-solvers inside Britain’s Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire.   The Enigma... Continue Reading →

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James Wong To Speak At SWRC Panel

We are thrilled to announce that James Wong of Raymond James will be a part of the MiFID II discussion at SWRC! James is a Senior Vice President on the Corporate Access team at Raymond James, where he advises corporates on investor marketing. Previously, James was a senior member of the Corporate Access team at... Continue Reading →

Leah Rozin to Speak At NIRI SWRC

You won't want to miss her session if you want to know about ESG! Leah Rozin is the principal advisor for ISS Corporate Solutions’ Sustainability Suite, working with corporate clients across industries to help improve disclosure practices and understand the E&S landscape. Leah also advises on corporate governance and executive compensation. She joined ICS in 2015 from... Continue Reading →

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